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Europe's First Wind- and Solar-Powered Billboard


Ricoh Europe, a company that focuses on providing efficient business processing solutions to large organizations, has unveiled the first sustainable billboard in Europe.

The firm's eco-board is entirely powered by solar and wind energy and will be placed on M4 highway that links London and the London Heathrow airport.

The first eco-friendly billboard was launched by the same company in 2010 and today it can be seen at Times Square.

The new billboard from Ricoh Europe will make use of 5 wind turbines and 96 solar panels and will only shine after it has gathered enough power from the wind and sun. It will definitely set a new standard in advertising, making the industry more environmentally conscious.

It would be interesting to note that Ricoh Europe is an environmentally responsible firm with one of its main goals being reducing carbon footprint. The company believes that reaching production targets and profit is important but not at the cost of our planet, reports Blogit.

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