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World's First Solar Powered City to Be Built in Florida


A company called Florida Power & Light looks forward to spend $350 million to construct a 75-megawatt photovoltaic solar plant that will be located in a new solar-powered city. According to the company, the project could start later this year. The city where the plant will be constructed was dubbed Babcock Ranch and it will be located near Fort Myers.

Currently to most powerful photovoltaic solar plant is located in Spain, where it was built in 2008 and where it can generate up to 60MW. However, it is expected that the Florida new power plant will be able to reach 75MB, which means that it might become the largest photovoltaic solar plant in the world.

It is worth mentioning that the photovoltaic cells transform sunlight into electricity. The company that works on the project hopes that its new city will become the first to produce energy from renewable solar energy.

"The FPL solar plant will be inside Babcock Ranch. Along with solar panels on the roofs of buildings citywide, it will be a revolutionary leap forward in clean energy for an urban area," said in his statement Syd Kitson, CEO of Kitson & Partners.

One of the biggest problems the company could face is convincing people to establish their business in an unestablighed city, albeit that community assures 20,000 permanent jobs.

On the home page of the official website of the Babcock Ranch , Kitson & Partners offers some of the features of the new city:

- There will be electric vehicles that one can plug in for recharge at one of many community-wide recharging stations;

- The streets will be illuminated by solar-powered street lamps;

- Groundbreaking Smart Grid technologies will analyze and control energy use in the city;

- Smart Home technology will allow residents to operate their homes at maximum efficiency, thus considerably reducing energy costs

"Babcock Ranch will be a living laboratory for companies, workers and families ready to reap the rewards of innovation," said Kitson in a statement.

Babcock Ranch will have 6 million sq. ft of retail, commercial, office, public, and light industrial space. It is expected that the whole project will cost about $2 billion. The city will include 19,500 homes, but the prices are still not provided. The company says that homes in the green city will be "affordable for workers and families across the economic spectrum".

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//4 Oct 20, 2010 07:35 AM | posted by: hjj
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//3 Nov 04, 2009 10:17 PM | posted by: J Michael Kilpatrick
This seems to be a brave to experiment that should occur. I do have some constructive (I hope. At least that is my intent) comments -

1. The website says that everything is walking distance. I do not see that from looking at their master plan.

2. It seems more like a typical "gated community" rather than a city.

3. It seems isolated from other cities. Can you get energy efficient mass transit to the cities. Linking an energy efficient train route would be nice. Make it easy for people to come in to work, shop, and visit. As well, make it easy for people to do the reverse

4. You can do more than just solar power. Can you talk about the many other steps that you are taking to create sustainable city (i.e. recycling, building orientation, water conservation, waste disposal. etc.

5. The language talks about futuristic. The images do not convey that. It just looks like another conventional boring community.

6. Greensburg, Kansas in rebuilding after a tornado strive to build a sustainable town. Take a look at how they are doing it.
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//2 Oct 31, 2009 04:02 PM | posted by: mny1256985438000
There doesn't appear to be a place in this plan for the great hulking American Neanderthals of recent evolutionin America! No provision for his appetite requiring copious amounts of corn sweetened soda, and 6 acres of grass for his meat requirements? Do you plan importing Asian intellectuals, Indian perhaps, vegans gurenteed, low calorie, low upkeep small bodied, fast thinking energetic and swift! They would certainly thrive espescially in the communbal socialistic group support situation implied! Not so our great gregarious warriors, the axe swinging slodiers of fortune from our commic books and our genetic pre-disposition, our breeeding by capitalis and corporatist forces these last 200 years, now deserted and cuckolded by capital's flight to higher ROI's in Asia! Build something to emp0ty the tenement houses, better the "Projects" accomodate the returning soldiers from our political failures, room for thwe rampaging psycho-consumers, gang-bangers, hoods drug addicts, hodulums that we really are! Not airy fairy Asian domiciles for civilized intelligent educated folk! Goddammit! This is America!

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