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Futuristic and Eco-friendly Snow Russia Complex for 2014 Winter Olympics


This new sports complex design concept developed for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games was recently proposed by designers from Asadov Architectural Studio, Project-KS and Grado Project Company.

The three offered their futuristic project, named Snow Russia, to the State Corporation, Olympstroy that is responsible for designing, building, renovating and implementing the venues required to hold the 2014 Winter Olympic Games that will take place in Sochi, Russia.

According to the proposed plan, the whole sports complex is unified, which means that the central Olympic square will not feature a central architectural idea.

Asadov Architectural Studio suggested making a "snowy whirlwind falling over the Olympic buildings in the form of frosty mist" on the wall of the load-bearing buildings along with ornamental panels made of aluminum, reports WorldArchitectureNews.

Designers proposed after-dark LED lighting which can be synchronized in order to create a lighting show. In such a way they hope to cut the amount of energy that the complex might use and considerably lower stress on the grid.

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