Thursday, 29 Oct, 2009 Environment

Futuristic Pavilion Can Float to Other Cities Like a Vessel


This incredible pavilion, designed by Peddle Thorpe Architects (PTA) and envisioned by Antoine Damery, provides space for carrying out various activities. Probably the most interesting feature of the pavilion is that is can be sailed to other cities like a vessel.

The design was submitted for the World Expo 2012, which will take place in Yeosu, Korea. Though the eco-friendly floating structure was designed to house different activities, it also creates awareness about the coastal eco-systems.

The pavilion attaches to coastline as though it's a living organism. The futuristic design allows it to easily fit in virtually any surrounding, thus it will not look like a white crow in other cities. The project also aims towards making people and governments aware of the importance of preserving oceans and ecosystems. More images available here.

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