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Futuristic Tornado Tower Uses Wind Power


An increasing number of amazing green buildings have been designed over the past few years and Tornado Tower is one of them, bringing green tech to a whole new level with its rotating facade that produces power from high-altitude winds. Previously at we wrote that more power can be generated if the rotating turbines are located high about the earth.

On the outside the tower features curved fins that exploit the wind power in order to produce green energy that powers the arts center along with the surrounding city. From the tower's roof visitors will be able to observe the views of the city.

It is worth mentioning that the Tornado Tower is just one of the several entries that were submitted to a design contest to develop a performing arts center in Taipei, Taiwan. The design of this particular project is credited to Ulf Mejergren and Anders Berensson from Vision Division that worked together with Markus Wagner from Svens Standard.

Besides featuring incredible design, the tower can also serve as a place for different performances. An open public space found at the base of the building welcomes guests with a sea of pearls that surrounds them. Within the tower one will be able to find a spiraling staircase that would make it possible for the visitors to reach the Grand Theater whether by elevator, foot or on a special train composed of giant pearls, which are in fact non-toxic acrylic balls.

The Grand Theatre is located at the top of the Tower, being enriched with pearls and featuring soft lights that can be regulated for a specific performance. The design of the Tornado Tower is really amazing, representing a mix of fantasy and modern art, but still it wasn't the winner of the competition. The winning project was OMA, which you can observe here .

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