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GE Installs Solar-Powered Carousel in NYC


GE has recently presented a solar powered carousel equipped with 100 solar panels and called Carousolar.

The presentation was part of GE's goal to promote its innovative solar technology, which involves the use of new solar panels that utilize ultra thin film modules and semiconductors that are based on cadium tellurium. These solar panels are able to resist harsh weather conditions - high temperatures, humidity, and ultraviolet rays.

The company claims that its latest invention boasts "the smallest carbon footprint and fastest energy payback time of current PV technologies when measured on a life cycle basis."

Next month the carousel will be opened at Manhattan's South Street Seaport and all visitors will be able to take a free ride on it.

The free ride will be available for children between 10AM and 10PM until September 7th. While there it will be possible to recharge cell phones and other portable gadgets using solar-powered charging stations that GE installed around its carousel.

One ride is just a couple of minutes long and Carousolar can run every 15 minutes. Unfortunately for the developers, this is not the world's first carousel (as they say) to harness solar energy. The first one was spotted at New York's Pier 62, where it was installed by designers from CRStudios Architects.

[via Ecomagination]

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