Tuesday, 16 Feb, 2010 Environment

GEOtube - Sustainable Building Made of Sea Salt


Designers from Faulders Studio recently presented their plan to create another wonder for Dubai - GEOtube. The futuristic structure will be anything but usual and will not require special construction materials to be erected - it will be grown.

Due to the fact that there's plenty of salty water in Dubai, designers decided to develop a structure that will use sea water and gravity. The skin of the building will be entirely grown and the building itself will never be completed, it being in continuous formation.

Designers thought about supplying salty water from the Persian Golf to the structure through a 4.62km buried pipeline. The water will then be misted onto the building's exposed mesh. Thus, when it evaporates, it would leave salt deposits.

Designers hope their new creation will serve a specialized habitat for wildlife that inhabits the region.

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