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Green Pavilion Brings People Closer to Marine Environment


Thematic Pavilion of Yeosu 2012, installed by Unsangdong Architects, is meant to bring visitors closer to the marine environment.

The designers decided to come up with a very impressive design of a structure called "Ocean Gate", which offers people a great insight into the endless possibilities of nature, allowing people to experience the ocean's ecosystems.

The exhibition and the pavilion presented by Unsangdong Architects have the goal of showing to the visitors the rich diversity of natural environment by beautifully mixing ocean ecosystem with architecture.

Having a circular form, the pavilion features a number of levels, each being decorated for a particular event. For instance, one level is outfitted for Water-Valley, the other one for Media-Valley, another one for Play-Valley, and so on.

It would be interesting to note that the establishers of the central exhibition, called "Organism of Scenery" were inspired from Korean seasons that boast flowering spring, summer waterfalls, yellowy autumn and snow blanketed winters.

More images are available here.

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