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Gyre - Eco-friendly Underwater Skyscraper


Designers from Zigloo decided to come up with a structure that could take Eco-tourism to a new level. The Gyre represents a floating underwater skyscraper and its main goal is to bring together researchers and travelers ad help them get a better understanding of the ocean.

The skyscraper peaks at a depth of 400 meters. It will offer space for work and entertainment. Guests will benefit from comfortable rooms, shops, and restaurants while scientists will have enough working space to study the ocean. In addition, the Gyre will have gardens and various recreation areas.

The 212,000 square meters structure consists of layering of concentric rings of different sizes, ranging from 30,000 square meters down to 600 square meters. It is worth mentioning that the Gyre will harness wave, wind and solar energy. It will make use of a series of vertical axis wind turbines, windows featuring glass printed array of solar cells and underwater nacelles that will play two roles, that of thrusters for propulsion and tidal generators.

The Gyre will also harness freshwater. It will feature mechanical systems along with emergency basins with freshwater.

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