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Harvest - Green Building With Vertical Farming


Talented designers from Romses Architechts studio recently presented at a competition entitled "The 2030 Challenge" that took place in Vancouver, its groundbreaking project called "Harvest Green Tower", which is in fact a vertical ecological farm.

The goal of the competition was to address climate change plans as well as to guide more eco-friendly development, lowering the level of carbon emissions for the future. Harvest Green Tower is made of interlocking tubes that cultivate various fruits and vegetables, and include an aquaponic fish farm.

The basic idea of Harvest is the vertical farming of vegetables, herbs, fruits, fish and egg laying chickens. Its concept is also explored through a boutique goat and sheep dairy facility. The design elements of the construction will be able to generate geothermal, wind and solar power. The small and large-scale wind turbines transform the entire construction into a solar and wind-farm infrastructure.

Vertical farming brings energy back to the grid through the production of methane that comes from the fertilization of non-edible parts of plants and animals.

But there's more - a huge rainwater tank is located on top of the green skyscraper, offering on-site irrigation for a wide range of indoor and outdoor crops, as well as roof gardens.

Underneath the construction there's a grocery store, farmer's market and Harvest Tower Restaurant. It is worth mentioning the City of Vancouver looks forward to become world's most sustainable city.

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