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Heliotropis - Solar-Powered Flower with Glass Petals


Energy crisis is one of the most discussed topics not only among politicians but designers as well. The latter often try to focus on aesthetic design of an eco-friendly device that would make people aware about the climate change issue. Having this in mind, Anthony Castronovo decided to design a beautiful solar-powered kinetic sculpture which was commissioned by Beth Deutch and Larry Rubin in Rumson.

Their creation, called Heliotropis, resembles a flower and is expected to be completed this year. The flower features built-in solar panels to gather energy from the sun. The generated electricity will be used to make the flower's glass petals move inward and outward.

The two designers are considering using ceramic and glass for their project. Currently they are deciding on the colors of the petals. The main idea of the sculpture is to motivate people to make use of alternative sources of energy.

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