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HIVE - Eco-Friendly Community Built from Shipping Containers


The design of a green community dubbed HIVE really looks like it was made by bees. It is worth mentioning that this eco-friendly project is expected to set off in Houston, Texas. The goal is to erect a mini eco-system that could be expanded further, creating a ripple effect.

However, the most interesting fact is that the whole project involves the use of shipping containers as main construction features. All in all, the project will include 486 container units.

The HIVE will have inner and outer levels, thus providing enough space and comfort. The first level is set to begin, featuring 72 shipping containers. The latter will be modified and will include all of the basic amenities. The HIVE will also include spaces for restaurants and offices.

The HIVE will be a self-sustainable community, being able to provide both food and energy by making use of solar power.

The project will include four steps and it is already possible to rent a green hub with the starting monthly payment of $300.

[via HIVE Houston]

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