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Hong Kong Designer Unveils a 2030 Floating Cemetery


Due to the fact that in some countries there's simply not enough place to burry the ones who left us, some people consider cremating the dead instead of searching for an expensive graveyard plot. Over the next 20 years in some megapolises there will be no place to burry the dead.

In Hong Kong, where the price for the land is continuously increasing due to its lack, about 90 percent of people prefer to cremate the dead, which will require about 400,000 urns by 2030. By taking this into consideration Tin Shun decided to design a floating columbarium.

Shun is currently deciding on whether to create a multi-story columbarium for the urns or make a floating platform with land for the departed.

His project will let the soul of ones who left to rest peacefully between the horizon and the datum of the sea. More images are available here.

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