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Huge Crystal Ball Building to Be Constructed in Qatar for FIFA World Cup 2022


Qatar, the country that will house the FIFA World Cup in 2022, has recently announced plans to erect a giant shimmering crystal ball building for the upcoming event.

The idea was envisioned by Danijel Koletić, owner of Apriori Communications. The design of the structure, which is officially called Crystal Ball-Light of the Future, was developed by architects Vedran Pedišić (SANGRAD) and Erick Velasco Farerra (AVP-arhitekti).

It would be interesting to note that the structure will include a sports museum and a shopping center. Architects say that the crystal ball will boast cutting-edge technology that will be used to make the building more energy efficient.

The ball is designed around a vertical axis found in the middle and it spins throughout the day, performing gradual turns around the axis. The sphere starts glowing right after the sun goes down. During the day it also sparkles and fills the interior with sunlight.

[via Apriori Communications]

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