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Huge Eco-friendly Egg Skyscraper


The design of Envision Green Hotel is something previously unseen, something futuristic, impressive and really breathtaking. But is the most striking is that it is eco-friendly.

Being designed by Michael Rosenthal Associates, a company from Miami, for Radical Innovation design competition launched by Hospitality Design, the building is part wind tower, part urban eco-resort, and its resembles an egg. The building is expected to become one of the most recognizable constructions for whatever of the city would be built.

It is worth mentioning that the egg-like Envision Green Hotel uses wind and atmospheric conversion systems to generate natural air into its interior without mechanical involvement.

The energy is generated by the Envision's photovoltaic exterior sheathing. The building's indoor gardens serve as growing extensions of the earth. They provide a mini-microclimates the goal of which is to filter the air.

Envision is surrounded by recycled pools of water that act as water reservoirs, fire barriers, as well as ornamental aquatic features.

The wind turbine is the one to generate power used to heat the boiler and produce steam required for the chiller water plant located beneath the building. The plant then cools and heats the Envision Green Hotel.

In order to reduce the level of construction waste the rooms in the hotel are going to be designed on a four foot multiple. Inside high-efficiency LED systems will light up the interiors. In addition, the designers want to use non-toxic and non-off-gassing finishes.

For flushing and irrigation the construction will use both common water-efficient fixtures and recovered rainwater. Each guest will have a mood pad control unit that will allow manage the lighting and select pleasing digital pictures that would appear behind the hotel's glass walls as well as behind ceilings.

To make the building event more attractive, designers thought about using exterior LED curtain walls that would change their color throughout the night to illustrate the way time passes.

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