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Huge Green Power Centre to Be Built in South Korea


Architects from the Dutch design company MVRDV have won the right to develop the city centre of Gwang Gyo, situated about 35 kilometers south of Seoul, South Korea.

Their design concept is made of a series of overgrown hill-shaped structures boasting a great programmatic variety. The project encourages extra developments within the area where the Power Center is expected to be built.

Designers have the goal of creating the Gwang Gyo Power Centre with spaces for housing and offices. In addition, the project envisions creating spaces for cultural, leisure, educational facilities and parking.

Having the shape of a hill, the construction has a series of rings that are meant to promote outdoor life. The building will have floors made of terraces, informs DesignBoom. The floor to floor circulation mechanism will gather water that will be used for irrigation.

Each tower will have a series of voids linked to the atrium. These voids will be used for light and ventilation as well as for creating semi-public spaces. The whole town will represent a self-sufficient place with 77,000 inhabitants. The project is expected to be finished by 2011.

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