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Huge Tropical Garden to Be Built in Singapore


Gardens by the Bay is a project commissioned by the National Parks Board of Singapore. Designed by the Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter, the garden is expected to become the largest in the country.

It extends over an area of 101 hectares and is meant to become a component feature of the Marina Bay resort. It includes a "Cool Moist" biome and a "Cool Dry" biome. Visitors will be able to witness various plants and flowers that usually grow in the Tropical Montane and Mediterranean environments respectively.

In addition to the beautiful plants, the garden will include tall, constructions that resemble trees and which will play the role of vertical gardens. These structures will be between 30 and 55 meters high. These are bounded by epiphytes and flowers to create scenery similar to the tropical environment, reports WorldArchitectureNews. They will also beautify the garden at night with illumination and projected media.

The opening of the garden (part of the first phase) is expected to take place in 2011. The second phase will involve the opening of water gardens with terraces, a Boat House Piazza and an education center.

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