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Human Trash Killed a Whale


A marine researcher reported that a 3-ton whale died in Malaysia after ingesting a plastic bag, a rope and a bottle cap.

Mohaman Lazim, a researcher who witnessed the event, said that the Bryde's whale had been cast ashore and died a day later in spite of all exertions to save it. Preliminary conclusions made after an autopsy showed that the cause of death was ingestion of a black plastic bag, a rope and a bottle cap, which blocked up its intestine.

It's known that whales come to the shore when they feel they die. As Mohamam Lazim said, it can also happen if a sick whale strayed from its pod and lost its way.

The 3-ton female was pulled back into the sea, but on the next day it appeared again on the beach. Villagers tried to recover it to life sprinkling it with sea water and wrapping it in wet blankets. Despite their efforts the whale died. The State's veterinarian department promised to examine the whale.

Bryde's whales belong to the baleen whale suborder and inhabit tropical waters. But are these waters safe enough?

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