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Ikea Offers Wind-Powered Lamps


Ikea has recently unveiled its eco-friendly wind-powered lamps that would look nice in any home of an environmentally-conscious person.

It is worth mentioning that Ikea already has a line of eco-friendly lamps that are part of its Solvinden line ("sol" for sun and "vinden" for wind in Swedish). But this particular lamp shows that the company decided to take green tech further.

The lamp is equipped with both solar panels and wind turbines. Here's how it works: the turbine shade activates a small generator that fills up a battery. The latter is connected to a solar cell found on the top of the lamp. Finally, when you need light the charge in the battery is used to power the LED bulbs.

Ikea sells the lamp for about $30 on its website. Check out the video below to see the lamp in action.

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