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In Harmony Veritas - Scientific Structure that Harnesses Green Energy


The project called "In Harmony Veritas" was developed by designers Chanturia Angela and Ivanyuk Yuliya. Their complex makes use of green technologies, being able to generate energy the eco-friendly way.

The small scientific complex represents a hi-tech city and its goal is to illustrate how future cities might look in the future - small, eco-friendly, structured and developed in synch with nature.

When designing their project, Chanturia Angela and Ivanyuk Yuliya had in mind a city that harnesses various green energy sources, including solar, wind, sea and tidal energy.

The plan of the whole project is to create a system able to generate electricity in coastal areas. "In Harmony Veritas" is expected to become a complex that would play the role of an organism representing a small piece of environment and harnessing energy the eco-friendly way to improve the ecosystem, informs EcoFriend.

The designers wanted to create a sustainable structure where researchers would carry out their studies.

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