Latest Invention: Device that Turns Heat and Light into Energy
[10 Dec, 2010] comments (0)
Researchers from Fujitsu Laboratories managed to create a device that can turn heat and light into electricity. ...
Dog Welfare Charity to Construct the World's Greenest Center
[09 Dec, 2010] comments (0)
UK's biggest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust, looks forward to erecting the world's greenest center called Rehoming Center. ...
Latest Invention: Pads that Produce Power from Passing Trains
[08 Dec, 2010] comments (1)
A company from Israel decided to create piezoelectric generators that produce electricity from passing trains. ...
World-Famous Architect to Design New Eco-Friendly Campus for Apple
[07 Dec, 2010] comments (1)
Apple has chosen a well-known architect to design its new headquarters that will be located in Cupertino, California. ...
China Creates World's First Hydrogen-Powered Train
[07 Dec, 2010] comments (0)
The online news source run by the government of People's Republic of China, states that the country launched the world's first fuel cell-powered light-rail locomotive. ...
Mayan-Style Sustainable Building from Laboratory of Architecture
[25 Nov, 2010] comments (0)
The Laboratory for Architecture, an institution that has the goal helping clients develop a greener future, has presented a design of a sustainable building that resembles the famous Mayan pyramids. ...
Chinese Firm Turns Methane from Cow Manure into Power
[25 Nov, 2010] comments (0)
Huishan Dairy Holdings Limited, a large dairy products manufacturer based in the north eastern provinces in China, came up with a way of turning methane from fermented cow manure into electricity. ...
GENeco Unveils Bio-Bug - the First Car Powered by Human Waste
[23 Nov, 2010] comments (0)
GENeco, the firm that focuses on alternative energy, says its engineers developed an engine that is powered by methane produced from human waste. ...
GM Cadillac Aera - Lightweight Vehicle Powered by Compressed Air
[18 Nov, 2010] comments (0)
Cadillac Aera was designed for the 2010 LA Auto Show Design Challenge. The General Motors Advanced Design Group wanted to create an eco-friendly vehicle that would also be lightweight - the car weights only 1,000 pounds. ...
Russian Firm Unveils Design a Subterranean Eco-Friendly City
[17 Nov, 2010] comments (0)
An architectural company from Russia has unveiled plans to build a huge subterranean eco-friendly city. ...
Garbage Trucks Running on Natural Biogas from Garbage to Be Tested in Toronto
[12 Nov, 2010] comments (1)
For many years a large number of landfills extending from California to the Great Lakes have been accumulating methane. Recently Toronto expressed its idea of using the natural biogas to power garbage trucks. ...
Artists Use Plastic Trash to Make Works of Art
[11 Nov, 2010] comments (0)
Last month the Lumenhouse in Brooklyn, New York, opened its doors for everyone willing to visit the Convergence Exhibition that focuses on the beauty hidden within plastic trash. ...
Learn How to Make Solar Panels at Home from Earth4Energy
[03 Nov, 2010] comments (0)
Due to the fact that buying and installing solar panels is expensive, a great alternative is making solar panels at home. With an increasing popularity of solar panels, having DIY solar panels is very efficient. ...
Green Voyager - Chinese Eco-Friendly Superyacht
[29 Oct, 2010] comments (0)
A China-based shipyard Kingship is building an environmentally-friendly superyacht that will be 44-meters long. ...
Honda Air - Eco-Friendly Vehicle Powered by Compressed Air
[26 Oct, 2010] comments (0)
The new Air Concept vehicle, presented by Honda at the 2010 LA Auto Show's Design Challenge competition represents a compressed air-powered car. ...

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