AXA Concept Vehicle that Harnesses Solar Energy
[28 Sep, 2010] comments (0)
AXA represents an environmentally-friendly car that is compact enough to fit in a car-stuffed megapolis. ...
SolarEagle - Boeing's Solar Powered Aircraft that Can Stay Aloft for 5 Years
[20 Sep, 2010] comments (0)
Boeing managed to sign a USD89 million contract with the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to create an unmanned airplane that can stay aloft for 5 years. ...
Eco-Friendly Car that Can Be Powered by Different Alternative Fuels
[09 Sep, 2010] comments (0)
Paul Hanna is the author of this futuristic vehicle called Energo Racer. The designer was highly inspired by nature and namely marine creatures. ...
Wind Tunnel that Produces Power from Passing Subway Trains
[07 Sep, 2010] comments (0)
A team of Korean designers thought about creating a conceptual underground system that would generate renewable energy from passing trains. ...
Japanese Researchers Create an Eco-Friendly Vehicle that Folds
[02 Sep, 2010] comments (0)
With a continuously increasing number of vehicles, big cities start facing the problem linked with the lack of parking pace. One of the solutions is the X-Frame, an eco-friendly vehicle that can fold for storage. ...
Village from Shipping Containers to Be Built in Haiti
[02 Sep, 2010] comments (0)
Luck Mervil, a Haitian Canadian musician looks forward to reconstruct Haiti by placing houses made using repurposed shipping containers. ...
ALICE - the Eco-Friendly Supercomputer
[01 Sep, 2010] comments (0)
Researchers from the University of Leicester have upgraded their supercomputer, dubbed ALICE (Advanced Leicester Information and Computational Environment), making it eco-friendlier. ...
Solarve - World's First Solar-Powered Bus from Sanyo
[30 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
The popular Japanese company Sanyo, which specializes in the production of batteries for electric vehicles, recently presented the world's first public bus with built-in solar cells. ...
Samsung Officially Confirms Its New Galaxy Tab
[27 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
The South Korean tech company Samsung has officially confirmed its new Samsung Galaxy Tab. ...
Students at Ohio State Create All-Electric Supercar
[27 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
Created by students at Ohio State University, the Buckeye Bullet 2 managed to break the land speed record for electric vehicles. ...
Morgan Motor Company Adds Two Green Cars to Its Line of Sports Vehicles
[27 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
Motor Morgan Company is a British sport car maker that announced about its plans to add two new environmentally-friendly cars to its line of sports vehicles. ...
Leonardo DiCaprio Supports Environment Wearing Swiss Wristwatches
[26 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
In the movie Inception Leonardo wears another TAG Heuer timepiece - the Carrera Automatic. In 2010, the actor participated in the creation of a new TAG Heuer watch and the Aquaracer 500M Leonardo DiCaprio Limited Edition was born. ...
Latest Invention: Machine that Turns Plastic Back Into Oil
[25 Aug, 2010] comments (14)
An inventor managed to create a machine able to transform plastic back into oil, thus proving hope that it is possible to reduce plastic waste that not only pollutes the ground but also forms huge islands in the oceans. ...
SimplyCity - Electrical Vehicle that Boasts Low Operating Costs
[24 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
SimplyCity is not just an ordinary electrical vehicle, it was developed using recycled or recyclable materials. ...
Kia POP is the New Compact EV from the South-Korean Car-Maker
[24 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
The South Korean car manufacturer Kia has recently unveiled the design of its new, all-electric, compact vehicle dubbed Kia POP. ...

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