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Inspiring Eco Ad Campaign: 1 Coach Bus for 50 Cars


Having the goal of motivating car drivers to take a coach bus, Acne, a Sweden-based advertising company, came up with a quite inspiring advertising campaign for an airport coach bus service called Flygbussarna.

The company built a bus from 50 wrecked vehicles. The bus resembles the original Flygbussarna coach bus and was placed near the main road that leads to the Stockholm airport.

With their installation, the Swedish company attempts to focus on the fact that 50 people can ride in a coach bus, while, in average, 1.2 people ride in a car. It is worth mentioning that a coach bus emits carbon less than 4 vehicles.

On the company's website visitors can watch live the installation and vehicles that drive by. In addition, you can see the amount of carbon that could have been saved if the drivers that passed the installation had taken a bus.

Here's the video that helps you get a better idea of Acne's advertising campaign:

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