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Japan Presents the Design of a Smart City


A model of a smart city was presented at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (Ceatec).

The envisioned city is part of a post-fossil fuel world. Various green technologies are used to harness wind, solar and nuclear power, used to power homes and vehicles that are connected to each other with the help of "smart grids".

The goal is obvious - reducing greenhouse gas emission to zero. Designers believe that the first smart city could be constructed in Yokohama.

It is worth mentioning that the "Yokohama Smart City Project," is a 5-year pilot program that involves the participations of seven Japanese companies - Nissan Motor Co., Panasonic Corp., Toshiba Corp., Tokyo Electric Power Co., Tokyo Gas Co., Accenture's Japan unit and Meidensha Corp.

Those who visited Ceatec were able to take a virtual tour through the futuristic city of Yokohama. Nissan is the company that used a 3D theater with a 275-inch display to offer viewers the possibility to see one of the visions of an ideal eco-friendly city, informs Physorg.

But people, working on the project, are considering stopping there. They will replicate the virtual tour and show it to leaders from around Asia. The presentation will take place next month in Yokohama at Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

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