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Japanese Engineers to Build Floating City with 1km-High Building


A group of Japanese researchers, engineers and financers decided to begin a project that will push aside Burj Khalifa as the tallest building on the planet. The group from Japan aims at designing a structure that will be 1 kilometer tall, featuring a vertical farm that stands on a concrete lily pad floating on the water.

According to the team, by 2025 they will have all the necessary resources and most importantly the technology that will be able to help them start the construction. It is worth mentioning that their project is entitled Green Float Project and its development will involve the construction of artificial rafts that previously were never built on this scale.

The eco-friendly city is going to be erected in an equatorial area, where people will benefit from a lot of sunshine and where typhoons rarely occur.

The project includes "A City in the Sky," an area that will be built 700 to 1,000 meters above the baseline. The place and the special construction will ensure that the city benefits from a good temperature and less windy days. The region will have enough living space to house 30,000 inhabitants. There will also be a waterside resort for people who do not wish to live up high. The resort will be able to house up to 10,000 residents.

Besides living spaces, the project will also encompass the "New Industry Incubation Office and Plant Factory," thus providing additional 10,000 working places. Shimizu, a Japanese leading architectural and engineering company, looks forward to create the 1km-tall tower using ultra-light alloys obtained from magnesium and seawater, reports TimesOnline.

After creating the island (which will house the tower) that will boast a diameter of 3 kilometers, the tower will have each of its new floor constructed at ground level, with the earlier built floors being pushed down into the sea. After reaching the 1km mark, engineers will raise the structure to its full height.

Everything inside the tower will be powered using environmentally-friendly sources of energy, including space solar power satellites, ocean thermal energy conversion, waves, wind and solar energy.

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