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Korean Consortium to Build $6 Billion Green Energy Power Plant


Samsung C&T teamed up with Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) to construct a renewable energy power plant. The $6 billion complex will be built in a small town near Toronto.

The two companies expect that the power plant will produce about 3.7KWh per square meter by making use of solar plants. At the same time the complex will have systems that will allow harvesting wind energy, informs JoongAng Daily.

By 2016 the renewable power plant is expected to produce about 2.6GWs of green energy using solar and wind power generators that extend over an area of 202.3 square kilometers (78.11 square miles). The project is going to represent the world's largest complex that harvests solar and wind energies. According to the signed contract, the new power cluster will operate for 20 years.

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