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Large Solar Pyramids Could Power Homes in Abu Dhabi Desert


Robert Flottemesch, Jen DeNike, Johanna Ballhaus, and Adrian P. De Luca are the authors of a daring project called Lunar Cubit that involves the construction of a pyramid-shaped complex that will harness solar energy to power thousands of homes located in the Abu Dhabi desert.

It would be interesting to note that Lunar Cubit includes 8 small glossy solar panel pyramids standing around a larger pyramid. The small pyramids play the role of lunar calendar while the bigger one is invertedly illuminated according to the moon phases. This means that during a full moon the pyramid is at full illumination.

The small pyramids surround the bigger one in a semi circle and act like the hands of a clock illustrating the 8 phases of the lunar calendar. Equipped with LED lights, they illuminate in various combinations, showing the waxing or waning of the moon.

During the day the pyramids act as solar-power generating plants that collect enough energy to power 250 homes. It is worth mentioning that each solar panel is manufactured of glass and amorphous silicon.

If the project is completed, it will become one of he most visited tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi, reports Inhabitat.

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