Friday, 13 Aug, 2010 Environment

Largest Tidal Turbine in the World to be Installed in Scotland


The largest tidal turbine on the planet is ready and is expected to be launched by the end of summer.

The device is called "Atlantis Resources AK1000" and is will be mounted at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, Scotland.

Although it has a simple design, the turbine is able to resist harsh environmental conditions.

The "Atlantis Resources AK1000" weights 130 tons and is 74 feet tall. Its rotors are about 60 feet across.

It is worth mentioning that the turbine is able tot produce 1 megawatt electricity from ebb and flood tides. Such amount of electricity is enough to power over 1,000 homes, reports TreeHugger.

The company that developed the turbine says that "Atlantis Resources AK1000" will not have any impact on the environment. This is because the turbine rotates rather slow, reaching a speed of 6 to 8 revolutions per minute.

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