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Latest Concept: Polar Umbrella - Arctic Concept Meant to Help the Environment


Check out the winner of this year's Skyscraper Competition organized by architecture magazine Evolo.

The arctic umbrella concept is the brainchild of designer Derek Pirozzi and it's called the Polar Umbrella.

Its author wanted to come up a very ambitious project for the future that would perform two important functions: help the environment and be a revolutionary tourist attraction.

Here's how the author envisions the function of the concept: the mega-structures would play the role of an instant way of helping restore the polar ice shelf with the help of internal chambers that would freeze ocean water.

In addition, the Polar Umbrella structure also has a helicopter landing pad, an observation catwalk designed for tourists, research amenities, adjustable solar energy panels that can flap out like an umbrella, weather balloons to study the environment, and an eco-habitat located underwater that is meant to help preserve local wildlife.

[via Evolo]

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