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Latest Invention: Bicycle that Purifies Water


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A firm from Japan plans to register high profit with its project launched in Bangladesh. It decided to build a bicycle that is able to purify water in disaster zones and remote locations.

According to Yuichi Katsuura, president of Nippon Basic Co. a company with headquarters in Kawasaki near Tokyo that last week presented the device called Cycloclean, the user will be able to take the bicycle to any water source and then use pedals to produce purified water.

In order to clean the water the user only has to push the pedals. The motor is then activated and used to push the water through several filters. The system is able to produce up to 5 liters of clean water per minute.

The bicycle has puncture-free tires. The pump is located in the attache case-like box along with the hoses. The box is installed on the rear carrier. There are also 3 filter cartridges mounted around the rear wheel.

Japan was the first market that witnessed the launch of the Cycloclean. Nippon Basic managed to sell over 200 bikes in 2005, each bike costing 550,000 yen, which is around $6,600.

The majority of sold bicycles went to Japanese local governments and some where sold in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines. The Bangladesh market registered a high demand in the company's bike, which motivated Nippon Basic to open a local assembly in 2010, which somewhat cut the price of Cycloclean.

"You go to where water is, put your bicycle on a stand, drop a pump and peddle for clean water, which can then be sold elsewhere," he Katsuura.

According to Katsuura, the pump is able to suck up water at a depth of 5 meters. It is worth mentioning that Cycloclean was on presented at an environment-friendly technology fair that took place in Kawasaki, reports Physorg.

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