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Latest Invention: Device that Generates Electricity from Noise


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A team of students from American University of Sharjah managed to come up with a device that can generate energy from noise. Currently the device is in the experimentation process.

It is worth mentioning that the device can harness sound power with the help of piezoelectric technology that turns noise along with other types of sound energy into electricity.

One interesting fact is that the new device can harness even sound waves that are inaudible to humans. Thus the invention can produce electricity from nearly any type of noise, be it noise from simple movements, stadiums or footsteps.

The device can be installed in speed bumps in order to capture the mechanical vibrations and sound waves generated by passing cars, and turn them into electricity. The latter can then be used to power street lights.

The smaller versions of the device can be used to power portable gadgets such as cell phones or MP3 players.

For its invention the four students received the recognition from the prestigious Institute for Engineering and Technology (IET), reports GreenProphet.

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