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Latest Invention: Eco Whisper - New, More Efficient Wind Turbine


The company called Renewable Energy Solutions Australia has come up with a new wind turbine called Eco Whisper. The firm's representatives claim that their device is 30 percent more efficient than a conventional wind turbine. It is also very silent.

In addition, due to its solid composition, the structure is visible to birds and bats. In case of extreme weather, the wind turbine can be activated in horizontal position, thus generating electricity without being damaged by powerful wind, storm etc.

When in vertical position, the wind turbine stands 70 feet tall and boasts a diameter of 21 feet. The structure can resist winds of up to 118 miles per hour. It can produce between 18,000 and 32, 000 kilowatt hours per year if the average wind speed is around 9 km/h. The power generated by the turbine is enough to power three houses or a medium sized plant. It is an ideal device for urban regions.

[via Renewable Energy Solutions Australia ]

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