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Latest Invention: New Car Biofuel Made from Whisky By-Products


Researchers from the Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland managed to create a biofuel for vehicles using the by-products of the distillation process of whisky.

According to the researchers the biofuel could be used to power conventional vehicles without any particular adaptations. It is worth mentioning that the biofuel was created during a research project that lasted 2 years.

The two by-products, "pot ale", which is a liquid found in the copper stills, and "draff" (the spent grains) are used as the basis for creating butanol. The latter can be used as fuel, reports Physorg.

The lead researcher Martin Tangney says: "The new biofuel is made from biological material which has been already generated". He also mentioned that the biofuel will most like be used in combination with 10 percent petrol or diesel. "Five or 10 percent means less oil which would make a big, big difference," said Tangney.

The new biofuel has already been appreciated by a number of specialists, one of them being Richard Dixon, the Scotland director of environmental campaign group WWF. He said: "Whisky-powered cars could help Scotland avoid having to use those forest-trashing biofuels."

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