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Latest Invention: New-Gen Glass-Covered Beehive from Philips


Bad news for the environment is the collapse of honey-bee colonies. It is worth mentioning that honey-bees pollinate 74 out of 100 various crop types that make up 90 percent of the world food output. So far scientists did not manage to find the direct cause of the phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder. In order to solve the issue, Philips has proposed a futuristic concept that would suit the needs of the urban beekeeper.

Dubbed the Urban Beehive, the design is a part of the Microbial Home Project through which Philips looks forward to developing a domestic ecosystem composed of revolutionary designs that would offer solutions to cleaning, energy, human waste, lighting and food preservation.

The Urban Beehive represents a biological apparatus able to filter, process and recycle waste. Here's how it works: honey-bees enter the beehive through an entry tunnel found above a pollen-equipped flowerpot. Within the structure, bees meet a series of honeycomb structures that are there to help bees lay out their larvae and store honey and pollen. Due to the fact that the hive is covered in special glass, you are free to observe the bees.

It is also possible to collect honey by removing the glass cover. But before you do that you might consider releasing smoke into the hive in order to calm bees down.

According to Mr. Malya Peter, a beekeeper who was asked by the company to describe the concept, said that the hive could be used for educational purposes. At the same time he outlined that the concept was not suitable for large scale honey production.

[via Gizmag]

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