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Latest Invention: Pads that Produce Power from Passing Trains


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A company from Israel decided to create piezoelectric generators that produce electricity from passing trains.

It is worth mentioning that Innowattech has previously carried out successful tests of its piezoelectric generators that produce power from passing cars, which is why it thought about passing on to trains.

For its latest project Innowattech teamed up with the National Railway Company of Israel.

The goal of the two is to examine IPEG PAD, a rail pad that in the near future can provide a solution to the smart rail field.

During the tests, the company replaced 32 railway pads with its IPEG PADs equipped with piezoelectric generators. The new pads make use of mechanical strain and turn it into electrical power. The latter can be then used to estimate the number of wheels and the weight, diameter and position of each wheel. Plus, the power can be used to calculate the train's speed.

According to the calculations performed by Innowattech, areas of railway track that get up to 20 ten-car trains each hour can be used to generate up to 120KWh of green power per hour, reports Enegy Harvesting Journal.

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