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Latest Invention: Pavegen Tiles Produce Power from Footsteps


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Pavegen tiles, invented by Laurence Kembell-Cook, who also happens to be the director of Pavegen Systems, represent an eco-friendly way of delivering energy. The tiles generate power by making use of kinetic energy which they harness on city streets.

In huge megapolises such invention would be highly appreciated and with no doubt people would welcome it as a low carbon creation.

The Pavenger tiles were designed for high foot-traffic regions, being able to produce electricity from pedestrians' footsteps and use it to power street lamps, speakers, signs and advertisements. The collected energy can also be stored in a lithium polymer battery for further use.

It is worth mentioning that the tiles, which are made of almost 100% recycled materials, produce 2.1 watts of electricity each hour, which is enough to light up the pedestrian crossings. They are also durable able to resist severe weather conditions. Besides, according to the company, its tiles boast a life of about 20 million footsteps, which is approximately 5 years.

At the moment these tiles are being tested in East London, where the company agreed with one of the schools to install its invention and power the building.

For the London 2012 Olympics Site, Pavegen Systems will mount its power-generating tiles in the crossing between the Olympic stadium and the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Center.

[via Pavegen]

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