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Latest Invention: Sea Chair - Machine that Turns Plastic into Plastic Chairs


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A group of three graduate students from the Royal College of Art, who set up a company called Studio Swine, managed to come up with a device called "Sea Chair" that uses plastic waste to make usable plastic chairs.

In case the invention makes it to top 3 projects of the Victorinox Time To Care Award it can be brought to life. Plastic is one of the most "popular" types of waste, being found in oceans around the globe. There're even large islands of plastic garbage as large as Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean and they can serve as material for manufacturing 3D printed chairs.

With the help of a trawler the machine collects plastic nurdles from waters and beaches (nurdles are plastic resin pieces). These nurdles are often neglected during the cleanups mainly because they are very small. Due to the fact that nurdles represent small pieces of a larger garbage patch, they contain hazardous chemicals that have been absorbed over time. While in the water they can negatively influence the marine life.

The team's invention features a hand-powered water pump that powers a device called Nurdler. The latter in its turn separates beaches and water from nurdles. The waste is then turned into plastic chairs.

The obtained chairs can be later sold to help people living in the areas where the chairs were created.

[via Dezeen]

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