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Latest Invention: Solar-powered Refrigerator for Remote Areas in Kenya


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An organization with headquarters in Kenya managed to develop a portable solar-powered refrigerator system, which can be transported to distant regions in Africa using a camel. The new invention of the Nomadic Communities Trust was developed in collaboration with Princeton University and The Art of College of Design in California.

The new system was designed to refrigerate vaccines and a number of other medicines in regions that are located far from cities where it is possible to find special equipment.

The writer Jace Shoemaker-Galloway mentioned that the refrigerator system will have portable solar panels that can be folded so the device would be easier to transport. The new invention also features a foot-powered backup system. In order to prevent any discomfort for the camel, it was decided to use an ergonomic aluminum frame instead of sisal ropes, informs CleanTechnica.

Before deciding to use it in Kenya, the new invention was tested on camels at the Bronx Zoo. Now the Nomadic Communities Trust looks forward to try the system in its native country.

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