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Latest Invention: Solarball - Portable Solar Water Purification Device


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Mr. Jonathan Liow, a Monash University graduate, came up with an idea to create a simple, yet sustainable water-purification device that is also cost-friendly. The device can be used to get rid of diseases and save lives and is called Solarball.

This is the final project developed by Liow during his Bachelor of Industrial Design. The Solarball can produce up to 3 liters of clean water on a daily basis. It is weather-resistant so it can be used by people living in hot, wet, tropical climates.

The device attracts sunlight and causes the evaporation of dirty water inside it. During the evaporation, contaminants are parted from the water, leading to the production of drinkable condensation.

The invention could help the 900 million people who do not have access to safe drinking water. It is worth mentioning that each year more than 2 million children die from infections caused mainly by contaminated water.

"After visiting Cambodia in 2008, and seeing the immense lack of everyday products we take for granted, I was inspired to use my design skills to help others," said Mr. Liow.

It would be interesting to note that the Solarball became one of the finalists in the 2011 Australian Design Awards - James Dyson Award. Liow will present its invention at the Milan International Design Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile) in April 2011, reports Physorg.

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