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Latest Invention: System that Generates Power From Asphalt


Renewable energy can be obtained from solar panels, wind and wave power, but a team of scientists from Novotech together with researchers from two Massachusetts universities are currently developing a new invention - a system that could transform the heat from asphalt as well as other paving materials into usable power.

It is worth mentioning that the asphalt is an insulator and it can generate energy even during night time, unlike most solar panels developed today. The new invention will involve the use of copper tubes covered in graphite located about one inch below the asphalt. It can also be based on the use of heat sinks, which are applied in a number of floorboard heating systems.

At the moment scientists are testing their new invention. In order to see the effectiveness the new system's power generation, they expose the slabs to different weather condition, including wind and rain.

The team of researchers believes that their new invention will find its use in parking lots situated near commercial structures. The building will be powered by these thermocouples.

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