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Latest Invention: Toilet Trike Promotes Water Conservation on the Streets of Japan


Having the goal of making people aware of water savings, a Japanese firm called TOTO has come up with Toilet Bike Neo Project, which is, in fact, a three-wheeled toilet powered by biogas that is produced from the toilet waste.

The trike is expected to hit the roads of Japan soon. It will travel from Kyushu to Tokyo and will make a lot of stops on the way.

The bike will also provide information on the latest stock prices and the weather. This is because the toilet talks.

It would be interesting to note that the bike also has a LED lamp installed on a column at the back. The lamp was mounted to create the impression of a floating message as the trike passes by.

Unfortunately (or not) the Toilet Bike Neo will not be mass-produced - it will be used as a promotional instrument for the Japanese company. However, customers can try the talking toilet feature, which can be found in all of the latest models launched by TOTO.

If you wish to follow the journey of the toilet trike, pay a visit to the TOTO blog.

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