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Latest Invention: Vax ev - Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner


Vax, a British company that produces vacuum cleaners has recently presented its latest invention - a cardboard vacuum cleaner with insights made of recycled plastic and an outer built from cardboard. The latter is constructed from the casing the vacuum cleaner comes packed in.

The idea is rather original and the company probably wanted to say that it attempts to become greener in the future, but this current example of eco-friendliness is not the best one. This is because the vacuum cleaner made of cardboard is not durable. Still Vax's attempt is worth appreciating.

According to the press release that announced the Vax ev, the cardboard panels that make up the body of the vacuum cleaner can be easily replaced in case of damage. These component parts are inexpensive, costing only "1/10th of the price of an equivalent plastic panel".

[via Vax]

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