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Latest Invention: Vehicle That Runs on Algae-based Fuel


The latest invention from American environmentalists is Algaeus, the world's first plug-in hybrid car powered by algae fuel. This vehicle pretty much resembles Toyota Prius, having a nickel metal hydride battery as well as a plug. The car runs on green crude, created by Sapphire Energy.

There is no need to make any alteration to the gasoline engine. Rebecca Harrel, the producer of a documentary film entitled FUEL and the co-founder of the Veggie Van Organization, says that their latest invention is so effective that it is able to run from coast to coast on just 25 gallons. She believes that the algae-based fuel is the invention that could be used during the next Apollo mission.

Algaeus will be used to promote both green energy and the movie, which tells about the ongoing dependence of the United States on foreign oil. Rebecca Harrell will be on a ten-day tour together with the director of the film Josh Tickell. The two will take the vehicle on tour together will several other green vehicles, including the biodiesel-powered bus. You can find more interesting information on green technology here at - please check the links at the bottom of the story.

Because fuel produced from green algae will not be available at local gas stations, Sapphire Energy looks forward to increase the production of green crude by 2 million gallons a year over a two-year period. The company hopes that in the near future the cost of algae-based fuel will be competitive with fossil fuels. More information is available here.

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