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Latest Invention: Wind Lens - Structure that Triples the Power of Wind Turbines


A group of researchers led by Kyushu University professor Yuji Ohya has recently unveiled its latest invention called Wind Lens, a structure that resembles a honeycomb.

The structure is meant to increase the amount of wind energy generated by offshore turbines.

It is worth mentioning that the group presented its latest invention at the Yokohama Renewable Energy International Exhibition 2010.

The Wind Lens functions similar to a magnifying glass that increases the light from the sun. the structure features a hoop (AKA a brimmed diffuser) that is used to increase wind power, and a turbine that rotates by making use of the wind captured from the hoop.

It would be interesting to note that each Lens is 112 meters in diameter and is able to generate energy that would be enough to power an average household, reports CNNgo.

So far, researchers cannot say if their latest invention will be commercialized.

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