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Latest Inventions: Sharp Creates Transparent Solar Panels for Balconies and Windows


Sharp decided to answer the question regarding the use of rooftop solar installations by those who are not homeowners and homeowners.

The company presented a see-through solar panel that can be installed on balcony railings or high-rise windows. Thus by harnessing solar energy they do not obstruct the view.

The panels are expected to hit the Japanese market this October. They are tinted black and are semi-transparent. They can be installed on other places rather than rooftops.

The recent press release said that each panel is made of laminated glass filled with photovoltaic cells. They will provide a solar power conversion efficiency of around 6.8 percent with an upper limit output of 95 watts. Of course such figure can hardly be compared to traditional solar panels but Sharp plans to compensate the drawback with amplified versatility.

It would be interesting to note that the panel measures 4.5 feet in width x 3.2 feet in height and is just 0.37 inches thick. Besides, when fixed to a window or balcony railing, the panel can also play the role of a heat shield, blocking sunlight that can otherwise lead to serious energy bills due to increased cooling.

[Sharp Via CNET]

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