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LEGO Artisan Displays Sculptures of Endangered Animals at the Philadelphia Zoo


Visitors of the Philadelphia Zoo have the chance to see some incredible LEGO masterpieces made by Sean Kenney. The artist came up with an idea of making different creatures out of LEGO pieces.

But Kenney's works are not just ordinary - he made detailed replicas of endangered species, having the goal of making children aware of the necessity to preserve the biodiversity of our planet. The LEGO animals are part of an exhibition called Creatures of Habitat: Gazillion Piece Animal Adventure.

In addition to the LEGO creatures, the artist made a series of smaller dioramas showing what people can do to re-grow rain forests. In order to complete the exhibit, Kenney used 259,450 LEGO bricks and thousands of hours of work.

For example, to complete the polar bear, Kenney required a group of people to help him with the task and 1,100 hours to finish the sculpture composed of 95,000 LEGO bricks. The polar bear is the largest sculpture in the exhibition and according to the artist it was the most difficult one to make, informs Treehugger.

Among other animals made of LEGO pieces, visitors may find monkeys, elephants, penguins and turtles. The exhibition will be opened till October 31, 2010.

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