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LO2P - Ferris Wheel Made of Recycled Old Cars to Produce Clean Air and Green Energy


New Delhi has one serious problem, and that is a large number of cars on the streets that not only lead to traffic jams but are also the source of a high level of pollution.

In addition to public transportation and the use of eco-friendly vehicles, older cars can still be used to help the environment. A proposal came from Atelier CMJN. The French agency said that old cars can be recycled for parts and materials that can be used to build circular skyscrapers.

A project entitled LO2P represents a structure that combines a recycling center, a power plant and an air filter. The waste enters the structure and clean energy, air and food come out.

The structure, which resembles a ferris wheel, has a large wind turbine and photovoltaic panels mounted on the exterior.

The base of the circular skyscraper has a recycling center that generates waste heat and CO2, both being later used by the greenhouse to produce food and bio-fuel. A number of rotating filters are used to absorb suspended particles in the air and release clean air.

[via Inhabitat]

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