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Design of the Day: World's Longest Swimming Pool Proposed for Berlin


The first prize at the 3rd International Holcim Awards ceremony, which took place in Milan, won a German architectural company called realities:united with its Flussbad submission.

The firm led by Tim Edler, proposed a project that would turn a stretch of the River Spree that flows through Berlin into the world's longest swimming pool, measuring 745 meters in length (which is about the length of 17 Olympic swimming pools).

If turned to life the project would allow Berlin citizens to visit the historic part of the city more often, while taking advantage of the so far unused part of the inner city river.

According to realities:united the swimming pool, which occupies about 3.9 hectares (9.6 acres), represents a "surprisingly simple and very cost-efficient" project.

Some part of the Lustgarten dock will be turned into stairs, which would create an entrance to the swimming pool, recreation gardens and functional facilities like lockers, change rooms and bathrooms.

It would also be interesting to note that the project will use an upper 1.8-hectare (4.4-acre) reed bed to naturally clean the water that enters the swimming pool and a barrage found at the lower end of the system would put off the backflow of unfiltered water from the river.

[via Gizmag]

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