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Loopwing Korea Unveils Solar-Powered Streetlights, Wind Power Generators


Having the goal of reducing the demand for grid electricity, a South Korean company decided to create a new type of streetlights and renewable energy generators.

Looping Korea presented its latest inventions at the Renewable Energy World 2010.

Its loopwing-type wind power generators boast a one-of-a-kind loop-shaped wing structure that allows generating electricity from winds that have speed as low as 2m/s.

In addition, the design also makes it possible for the device to produce power without much noise.

One of the models of loopwing type wind power generator is called the TRONC. It features a hybrid solar and wind energy generator and it doesn't need extra source of energy. Besides, the streetlight can be even connected to such external devices as LED display systems, informs Aving.

TRONC represents a complex that includes a small windmill and sunlight panel mounted on top. It also features a loop wing style blade of that is 1.5 meters in diameter.

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