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Luxury Waterfall Hotel to Be Erected in Abandoned Shanghai Quarry


This graphic image should not bring you to the idea that it's just a concept - the construction of the Shimao Intercontinental Hotel in the Songjiang District of Shanghai has already begun.

The 5-star luxury hotel will have 19 stories and 380 rooms, but the most interesting is that it will be built into an abandoned, part-flooded quarry.

According to the engineering and design consultancy, Atkins, which is currently working on the project, the Chinese hotel will be a part of a large resort aimed at those who enjoy extreme sports and at the same time have enough money to afford spending some time at the resort.

The facade of the Shimao hotel hugs the quarry face, being built in shape of the letter S. The entrance lobby looks like a flying saucer that descends into the quarry.

The architectural company decided not to use the water in the quarry, but instead create a sunken artificial lake.

Another interesting feature of the hotel is that two of its floors will be located underwater. We're talking about the guest rooms and a restaurant. However, the main attraction is of course the waterfall that will fall down in front of the facade and into the quarry.

The design of the building features green roofing and, according to Atkins, the structure will harness the site's geothermal heat to produce power and heating.

In internal atrium will be naturally illuminated. Shanghaiist informed that the Shanghai Shimao Property Group has thus far invested $555 million into the project, and the price per room per night in the hotel is expected to start at $320.

[via Shanghaiist]

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